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From Static to Spectacular: Unleashing Motion Graphics. Captivating Audiences with Crafted Motion Where Creativity Comes to Life in Motion. Graphic Motion, Inspiring Emotion Motion that Inspires, Graphics that Move. Where Ideas Take Flight and Graphics Dance. Transforming Ideas into Dynamic Visuals.
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DD.NYC® specializes in dynamic visual elements that combine graphic design and animation to create moving images known as motion graphics. They are often utilized across multimedia projects such as videos, presentations, websites, and advertisements to effectively convey information, tell stories, and captivate audiences.

DD.NYC®: Dynamic Motion Graphics Mastery

DD.NYC®'s mastery of motion graphics. Experience the pinnacle of visual storytelling with DD.NYC®'s Dynamic Motion Graphics Mastery. Our expert team combines cutting-edge design techniques with innovative animation to craft captivating visuals that breathe life into your concepts. From mesmerizing logo animations to immersive storytelling sequences.
Advertising and Marketing

DD.NYC®’s dynamic motion graphics blend creativity and strategy to elevate advertising and marketing campaigns. From captivating animations that grab attention to engaging visual narratives that convey brand messages, our motion graphics expertise delivers impactful storytelling across diverse digital platforms. Let us transform your brand’s vision into compelling motion experiences that resonate with your audience and drive results.

Corporate Communications

Elevate your corporate communications with DD.NYC®’s expertly crafted motion graphics. From dynamic presentations to engaging training videos, our animations captivate and inform audiences. Let us transform your message into visually stunning narratives that resonate with your team and stakeholders.

Architecture and Real Estate

Transform architectural visions into captivating visual experiences with DD.NYC®’s motion graphics expertise. From stunning property showcases to immersive virtual tours, our animations bring spaces to life. Elevate your architectural and real estate projects with dynamic visual storytelling that captivates clients and investors alike.

Education and E-Learning
DD.NYC® pioneers the integration of cutting-edge motion graphics and design principles into the realm of education and e-learning. With a focus on enhancing learning experiences, our team crafts dynamic visual content tailored to the needs of educators and learners alike. From animated explainer videos that simplify complex concepts to interactive lessons that engage students on a deeper level, DD.NYC® transforms traditional education into an immersive and interactive journey.
Medical & Healthcare

Bring clarity and understanding to complex medical concepts with DD.NYC®’s specialized motion graphics. From educational animations to patient communication tools, our visuals simplify information and enhance engagement. Let us help you communicate effectively in the healthcare industry with compelling motion graphics that inform, educate, and inspire.

Event Production

Elevate your events with DD.NYC®’s dynamic motion graphics. From captivating stage visuals to immersive event promos, our animations create unforgettable experiences. Let us transform your vision into engaging motion narratives that leave a lasting impression on attendees and sponsors alike.

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    DD.NYC® Recognition

    UpCity Excellence Award

    To celebrate outstanding B2B service providers

    2023-2024 Webby Nominations X2

    2024: Hawkridge Austin Luxury Land Development in Austin, Texas website 2023: Ms. Foundation 50th Anniversary WOV Awards website

    2023-2024 Annual Anthem Awards X3

    Bronze & Silver X2 Winner at the Annual Anthem Awards for the Ms. Foundation - Woman of Vision Awards 50th Anniversity Gala in Diversity, Equlity & Inclusion - Event category; Chelsea Film Festival in Education, Art & Culture - Event category; Airatae Branding and Website - Nonprofit category.

    DD.NYC® Anthem Awards Winner
    2023 Pentawards

    DD.NYC® was pentawarded for Excellence in Brand Packaging Desing for Symphony Sleep Mattress Bed Packaging.

    2023 & 2024 Clutch Champion

    DD.NYC® has been named a Clutch Champion! This award highlights our team's dedication to going above and beyond for our clients and consistently delivering exceptional results.

    Clutch Global Winner

    DD.NYC® has been named a Clutch Global Award winner! This prestigious accolade showcases our commitment to excellence and highlights our global reputation as a top tier service provider.

    UpCity Top Web Designers
    Awarded Best 2023 Packaging Design for Symphony Sleep® Box

    DDNYC Awarded Best Packaging Design by DesignRush for its Symphony Sleep project

    DD.NYC® Awarded Best Packaging Design for its Symphony Sleep mattress box design
    CSSDA Website of the Day 2023

    CSS Design Awards Jpanel judges have awarded www.expressshoerepairnyc.com - Website of the Day!

    New York State Women-Owned Business Enterprise ("MWBE")

    Empire State Development's Divison of Minority and Women's Business Development grants a Women Business Enterprise (WBE) pursuant to New York State Executive Law, Article 15-A to: DigitalDesign.NYC LLC d/b/a/ DD.NYC® on March 2, 2023

    World Brand Design Society (WBDS) Commended

    World Brand Design Society COMMENDED Award Project: CO2 Neutral Website Builder Category: Digital Sub Category: ACDG401 – Digital Design Creation Awards: WBDS Agency Design Awards 2022/23

    Best Innovation Award X2

    CSSDA selected DD.NYC® as a winner of the "Best Innovation" award.

    Best UX Design X2

    CSSDA selected DD.NYC® as a winner of the "Best UX Design" award.

    NYC SBS Minority Women-Owned Business Enterprise

    Certified by Small Business Services of NYC as a Minority Women-Owned Business Enterprise, which recognizes women-owned businesses in good standing in the New York City metro area. Our Manhattan-based agency has been certified and recognized by the SBS since 2020.

    Women Owned Businesses by Clutch

    Certified by Clutch as a Women-Owned Business with a stellar 5-star Clutch Top 40 Design Agency (Gold Certified) status attained with 50+ verified customer reviews and counting.

    aWWWards Honorable Mention X8

    Awwwards gives an Honorable Mention award to www.dd.nyc.

    Top 50 Branding Firms

    Hand-selected by 50Pros for Fortune 1000 companies as a Top 50 Branding Professionals in the United States.

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