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Our innovative UI/UX team will create the optimal user-centered UI design with smart UX for your project. Having both startup and enterprise experience, our designers consider differing functionality and audience demographics when designing a pixel-perfect screen for each unique client challenge.


Mobile App Designs:

The relationship we have with our phones is powerful. Our app designs support clean, modern aesthetic user experiences that put functionality first. That way you and your users can spend less time staring at screens and more time enjoying technology for what it’s meant to do – make things easier.

Website Designs:

Your website is often your main stage for customer interaction. We use responsive design, user testing, and the latest front-end technologies to create smooth, responsive digital experiences. Our powerful backend teams make sure things load, scale, and stay stable, no matter how much traffic you need to support.

Enterprise Software

Our team of experienced UX designers can help your legacy platform be updated no matter the scope. We are experienced with working on large-scale sophisticated multi-app/interface solutions. SaaS Enterprise products is what we do best.

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    Explore the process

    Knowledge Transfer

    We begin the process with a confidential knowledge transfer – understanding your business, its ideals, its users, and its intentions is critical for us to capture authentic design needs. Paired with market research, we gather the necessary information to craft your perfect design.

    User Interviews

    User interviews allow us to understand exactly what your customer is looking for, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of your current product. Our interviews are confidential and impersonal, maintaining your user’s privacy and not influencing their narrative. This information is invaluable to help us shape our product to your user’s desires.

    Feature Research

    Before we begin designing, we brainstorm and research innovative features to include in your product. Our approach rigorously researches your product, often pulling inspiration from other industries to get creative and innovative.


    In the design phase, we create low-fidelity wireframes that demonstrate the UX experience. These wireframes present the architecture of our design with clear, easy-to-follow steps. We present these wires to our current and prospective users to gauge the screens’ effectiveness and test our design hypothesis. 

    High-Fidelity Design

    This process beautifies and adds branding elements to the soulless clever wireframes we created prior. Our designs are practical and easy on the eye. We use modern design principles to create a satisfying experience for your users. Our high-fidelity screens and flows are concise and attractive, they capture your brand’s essence while maintaining innovation and modernity.

    Prototype Testing

    We test our prototypes with you and your customers to ensure our design decisions meet your goals. We check the prototype’s responsiveness, usability, and general user experience. Our objective is to verify and tweak the final direction before we jump into development.

    Design System/UI Kit Prep

    At the start of the development phase, we formulate a design system or a UI kit, depending on the project. The design system lays out a detailed guide for using the design within a range of use cases. Although the key is to make the technical aspects accessible and flexible, our branding team ensures that your design is aligned with your brand throughout the Design System. 

    Dev Handoff Verbal + Written

    Our development cycles are organized on Agile/SCRUM, encouraging productivity and collaboration. We send a written and verbal handoff to maintain constant communication between our designers and developers, reducing the chance of misunderstandings.

    Dev Support

    Our design team provides support throughout the development phase, fixing issues and answering any questions you or the developers may have. We also continuously support the developers with Design QA to ensure pixel-perfect design implementation. 

    Design QA

    At the end of our development phase, our designers perform a Design QA, checking the developer’s work for mix-ups and miscommunication. We leave no stone unturned, making sure our design is succinct and engaging.


    A sophisticated UI/UX solution lives and breathes with the product and its users. We stay available to update, iterate, expand to additional devices or operating systems, and, of course, add new features and functionality to further improve the User Experience of your audience.

    Project Management

    We use the latest digital design and project management tools for transparency and collaboration during our build sprints to spur collaboration between our team and the developers.

    We aim to find effective UI/UX design solutions that will deliver the most value for your customers.


    Strong UI/UX design can transform an ordinary product into something special. Whether you are looking for a stylistic revamp, or small tweaks to keep your product modern and responsive, our team has the expertise to solve your unique business problems. We only stop when we create something we’re proud of.
    User Roles & Permissions

    Assign and manage user roles, permissions, and security with a custom ACL (access control list) system that allows you to centralize all information and workflows while restricting access to the users of your choosing. A thorough UX user research and information hierarchy can relieve the developers from doing guesswork as the UX specialist outlines the flows definitively based on solid research.

    Custom Workflow Automation

    A web application allows for end-to-end business process automation to save both customers’ and internal team members’ time, effort, and expenses. Streamline time-consuming and frustrating workflows that are costing your company. UX designers can pinpoint the bottlenecks in your workflow and find UI/UX solutions to fix them.

    Text & E-mail Notifications

    Most of us receive several notifications each day from programs installed on our mobile devices. Our team can integrate custom notification features into your application including automatic text message alerts, e-mails, and push notifications. Working with user personas and mapping out your customer’s day – our UX designers will create detailed messaging charts to identify areas you are over-messaging the customer and opportunities to do more.

    Custom Sales

    We can provide custom CRM (customer relationship management) system integration design for your product designed to capture and manage leads, streamline the sales process, and use predictive metrics to help you perfect your outbound and inbound sales strategies. UX can identify how your current sales pipeline can be optimized.

    Custom Billing & Invoicing

    A billing platform tailored to your specific invoicing and payment needs has the potential to streamline your entire accounting workflow, saving your company valuable hours, resources, and money. UX designers can architect the most optimal of automated billing cycles.

    Document Management

    A custom document management system enables users of your choosing to easily generate, share, submit, and manage important documents and files from anywhere in the world at any time. Wheather your product deals with secure encrypted files or public record, our knowledgable UX designers can find solutions to create the most productive filing workflow for your digital product.




    Web Design

    We create world-class websites using modern design practices. Mobile-first websites and web experiences are essential to the success of your web project. While maintaining bespoke originality, our team will focus on responsive design and optimize your website for any device and interface. Your new website will attract desirable target audiences, boost engagement, drive sales, and increase the brand value of your business.


    Our branding team will excel at presenting your business in its best light. Whether you’re looking to attract a new set of eyes, rekindle an old client base, or simply refine your business’s identity - our creatives will formulate the optimal corporate identity, collateral designs, and brand guidelines unique to your company’s needs. Armed with your new bespoke brand - you will now be able to captivate engaged new audiences and capitalize on your company’s full potential.

    UI/UX Design

    Our innovative UI/UX team will create the optimal user-centered UI design with smart UX for your project. Having both startup and enterprise experience, our designers consider differing functionality and audience demographics when designing a pixel-perfect screen for each unique client challenge. Following an existing brand guideline or a custom component library, our team will deliver a sleek, clean UI for any complex interface use case.

    Packaging Design

    Experienced with top-grade packaging design for a wide range of products from consumer goods to startup ideas. Your packaging design will exceed all expectations with fresh yet pragmatic design ideas realistic to produce by the creatives at DD.NYC®. Packaging design is what makes us fall in love with some of our favorite products. Make yours a favorite.

    DD.NYC® Recognition

    Clutch Spring Global Award 2024

    DD.NYC® has been honored as one of the top-performing B2B companies, acknowledged within their industry and location. To earn this recognition, DD.NYC® showcased an outstanding ability to deliver high-quality services to clients.

    UpCity Excellence Award

    To celebrate outstanding B2B service providers

    2023-2024 Webby Nominations X2

    2024: Hawkridge Austin Luxury Land Development in Austin, Texas website 2023: Ms. Foundation 50th Anniversary WOV Awards website

    2023-2024 Annual Anthem Awards X3

    Bronze & Silver X2 Winner at the Annual Anthem Awards for the Ms. Foundation - Woman of Vision Awards 50th Anniversity Gala in Diversity, Equlity & Inclusion - Event category; Chelsea Film Festival in Education, Art & Culture - Event category; Airatae Branding and Website - Nonprofit category.

    DD.NYC® Anthem Awards Winner
    2023 Pentawards

    DD.NYC® was pentawarded for Excellence in Brand Packaging Desing for Symphony Sleep Mattress Bed Packaging.

    2023 & 2024 Clutch Champion

    DD.NYC® has been named a Clutch Champion! This award highlights our team's dedication to going above and beyond for our clients and consistently delivering exceptional results.

    Clutch Global Winner

    DD.NYC® has been named a Clutch Global Award winner! This prestigious accolade showcases our commitment to excellence and highlights our global reputation as a top tier service provider.

    UpCity Top Web Designers
    Awarded Best 2023 Packaging Design for Symphony Sleep® Box

    DDNYC Awarded Best Packaging Design by DesignRush for its Symphony Sleep project

    DD.NYC® Awarded Best Packaging Design for its Symphony Sleep mattress box design
    CSSDA Website of the Day 2023

    CSS Design Awards Jpanel judges have awarded www.expressshoerepairnyc.com - Website of the Day!

    New York State Women-Owned Business Enterprise ("MWBE")

    Empire State Development's Divison of Minority and Women's Business Development grants a Women Business Enterprise (WBE) pursuant to New York State Executive Law, Article 15-A to: DigitalDesign.NYC LLC d/b/a/ DD.NYC® on March 2, 2023

    World Brand Design Society (WBDS) Commended

    World Brand Design Society COMMENDED Award Project: CO2 Neutral Website Builder Category: Digital Sub Category: ACDG401 – Digital Design Creation Awards: WBDS Agency Design Awards 2022/23

    Best Innovation Award X2

    CSSDA selected DD.NYC® as a winner of the "Best Innovation" award.

    Best UX Design X2

    CSSDA selected DD.NYC® as a winner of the "Best UX Design" award.

    NYC SBS Minority Women-Owned Business Enterprise

    Certified by Small Business Services of NYC as a Minority Women-Owned Business Enterprise, which recognizes women-owned businesses in good standing in the New York City metro area. Our Manhattan-based agency has been certified and recognized by the SBS since 2020.

    Women Owned Businesses by Clutch

    Certified by Clutch as a Women-Owned Business with a stellar 5-star Clutch Top 40 Design Agency (Gold Certified) status attained with 50+ verified customer reviews and counting.

    aWWWards Honorable Mention X8

    Awwwards gives an Honorable Mention award to www.dd.nyc.

    Top 50 Branding Firms

    Hand-selected by 50Pros for Fortune 1000 companies as a Top 50 Branding Professionals in the United States.

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