Airatae Non-Profit Tech Platform
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Airatae Non-Profit Tech Platform

The current way our economy and society is structured leaves little room for people to use their talent, skills, and energy to do just that. At this point, there’s essentially three main ways people can get involved – 1) Donate, 2) Volunteer, or 3) Work for a nonprofit. What that’s done is effectively limit the talent pool of people who can create a positive impact in society. Airatae is about addressing those challenges by making it easier for anyone, anywhere to be a changemaker.


We have developed a unique branding for Airatae based on the idea of endless change towards a new, better world. The infinity symbol was used in the construction of the letter “a” and in the creation of the basic graphics of the corporate identity. We also launched a website to promote the platform and developed all the necessary marketing materials.

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