CyberYachts Web3 Tech
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CyberYachts Web3 Tech

From concept to execution – DD.NYC team crafted a strong Web 3.0 brand identity for the Metaverse client. After establishing the unique creative direction – our team created marketing materials and brand assets hyperfocused on the performance of the concept.

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The story of the CyberYachts "Y" brand seal and how a ship's bow ultimately served as the final mark selection for the brand logotype.

Along with the complete brand identity, DD.NYC branding team was tasked with revamping the placeholder logo of CyberYachts. The creatives sourced concepts and inspiration from reflections in water, luxury ships, 3D marina renders, and other aquatic references to mark a strong ideology behind the unique brand. The chosen “Y” or the “Greek I” /’i-grek/ carried a combination of these concepts along with a phonetic je-ne-sais-quoi – marking a truly impeccable representation of a Metaverse brand.

Brand Applications

CyberYachts concept spans beyond simple Metaverse boat commerce into a world of merchandise, real-life events, and even a virtual membership Yacht Club. While CyberYachts already had partnerships with big names like Quavo and City Girls, DD.NYC goal was to create a consistent brand across all the corporate assets that would entice other big-name celebrities’ involvement, key partnerships, and strategic investors.


Metaverse is a multi-billion dollar space with long-term scale potential. Developing the CyberYachts brand early was essential for its longevity, and thus we constructed a Web 3.0 brand guideline that was both current and persuasive. Recognizing the volatility of the industry, our presentation was designed to show the tangibility and span of the project, enticing investors to its lower-risk strategies amongst other Meta competitors.

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