ShotKam IoT Device
6-21 pm

ShotKam IoT Device

ShotKam is a powerful, lightweight camera that attaches to the barrel and automatically records your shots with precision to help you improve your swing. Connecting to an app on a mobile device, ShotKam makes it quick and easy to replay your shots and make adjustments in the middle of a session.

This cutting-edge technology has become a revolutionary tool in shooting sports. Endorsed by a number of professional athletes, ShotKam has grown to become one of the most innovative tools in the world of clay/skeet shooting and hunting.


With ShotKam’s growth as a premier practice tool in the shooting world, we needed to release the app on an aggressive schedule to meet client demands. We worked diligently to prepare and test the new app for a busy Christmas sales season. Our resulting app has had extremely positive reviews on the App Store, restoring Shotkam’s credibility as an innovative, customer-friendly pioneer in the industry.

Increase in overall ratings
Rating on App Store
Increasing the stability

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